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Akhtya--Elements Of Apotheosis-16B-44k-WEB-FLAC-2018-ORDER Download

Akhtya – Elements Of Apotheosis (2018)
Format: FLAC, (tracks) | Duration – 01:03:05 minutes | File Size: 334 MB | Genre: Ambient

ELEMENTS OF APOTHEOSIS is a recording for the ritual chamber, meditation, visualization and to inspire astral and dream projection. Akhtya recorded “Elements…” and presented the track at the 2018 Flambeau Noir during Michael W. Ford’s presentation on Demonic Symbols and Basic Magick. This recording explores the Miltonesq representation of Satan/Lucifer and the Fallen Angels as Bringers of Wisdom, Power and Balance in this life. The planet Venus is depicted twice to represent the Morning & Evening Star. The recordings are interwoven heights and depths of acasual streams of the adversarial current which holds dominion over the casual world and brings transformation or decay to the natural order. This balance, represented by the darksome journey into chaos finds spells and incantations upon the winds; light is that Black Flame of spirit which takes form under the Deific Mask of the Adversary and fallen angels taking many forms. Invocations and Names of Power of the Watchers, Satanic and Luciferian demons and deities are uttered to unlock forgotten gates in our subconscious, opening the Left-Hand Path to Apotheosis or becoming “As a God”. Simply put, Luciferian Theurgy is to master the self and build your own domain according to your will in this life.

released July 23, 2018


1-1. Akhtya – Elements Of Apotheosis (26:14)
1-2. Akhtya – Son Of The Dawn (09:56)
1-3. Akhtya – Divine Radiance Into Fiery Apotheosis (08:08)
1-4. Akhtya – Wings Of 12 Upon The Aethyr (11:25)
1-5. Akhtya – Son Of The Dawn (Seraphic Legions Edit) (07:20)


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