36 – Sine Dust (EP) (2015) 24bit FLAC

36 - Sine Dust (EP) (2015) 24bit FLAC Download

36 – Sine Dust (EP) (2015)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz | Time – 22:46 minutes | 207 MB | Genre: Electronic, Ambient

A companion EP to ‘Sine Dust’ featuring alternative versions. Free download for all subscribers!

“I often do alternative takes of my tracks, mostly for personal exploration rather than a desire to release them publicly. Often by manipulating simple things like pitch, tempo or delay, I discover new harmonies, melodies or sounds, which breathe new life into music I’ve previously spent days and weeks working on.

With this release, I took the techniques I have been developing since 2010 and used them to make these really lush ambient/drone versions of the the entire Sine Dust EP. Mostly keeping the original song structures intact, sounds have been stretched, reversed, pitched up, pitched down, doused in reverb, saturated/compressed, and floating in tape hiss, creating gaseous, long-form interpretations of the original tunes.

Fans of Tape Series: Blue should be completely at home with this. It’s gentle, emotive music, perfect for your next session in hypersleep” – 36

released 18 March 2015

1. 36 – Sun Riders Part II (05:31)
2. 36 – Drift Orbit (05:22)
3. 36 – Sine Dust (05:29)
4. 36 – Beyond The Heliosphere (06:23)



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